Feng Shui Your Event

Feng shui is a very complex, philosophical concept, so we won’t go too deep into explaining the origin. Instead, this guide offers synthesized information on how to use some of the principles of feng shui to create an atmosphere with positive vibes and balance, the qi for your next event location.

The Chinese New Year starts on 16 February 2018, with the year of the Earth Dog.

What you’ll need to feng shui your event is firstly, a bagua map. Overlay the bagua map over the footprint of the hall with the bottom of the chart (the black section) aligned with the entrance. Follow the different sections of the map as your guide to putting the correct details in the right places.


Tiffani Connors, contributing writer at How Stuff Works, tells us the following on Bagua Areas:

Black – Mirrors and fountains are good here;
Blue – Books and computers;
Green – Plants and photos;
Purple – More plants;
Red – Awards and animal-related items;
Pink – Paired items;
White – Neat and tidy area for artwork;
Gray – Religious items (if you must), and souvenirs;
Yellow – Pottery and stone objects;

Now that we have an idea of how to apply some of the principles of feng shui and what to do with the Bagua map, let’s apply everything to the year of the Earth Dog.  Radika Tchi, a Feng Shui guide writes the following:

Best choice of colors for 2018 will be Earth colors as they are aligned and in harmony with the current year element. These are: brown, sandy, beige and yellow. In feng shui the earth element is created by, or produced (in the cycle of 5 feng shui elements) by the element of Fire, so there is a strong and powerful connection between these two. It is always best to have at least some of the Fire element when you focus on decorating with earth element. The colors of Fire feng shui element are: red, orange, yellow, purple (which is also the colour of 2018 and Weemss colour), pink, magenta.

For our event this could be the color of chairs, curtains, tablecloths or any decorations. Good news is that Earth colours match perfectly with the Fire element feng shui colours so you could unleash your creativity. Beige and sandy are neutral and can be applied to many accessories at your event without interfering with the other details. You could also try arranging a welcoming area for your guests with flowers in the colours of fire feng shui element. Generally, flowers are always a good decoration and freshen the atmosphere.

And since when it comes to events, every detail matters, with Weemss you are able to customize your event registration form with the auspicious feng shui colours as well.

Whether your event follows the Feng Shui rules or not, there’s one way to guarantee its success: use Weemss. It has everything you need to create, promote, sell and manage your events at one place.


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