Exclusive First Look at the Re-designed Weemss Registration Form

Better experience than ever!

We are giving the Weemss registration forms a complete re-design. This means your clients will soon be getting an even better experience when registering for your events and buying their tickets. The new registration forms are coming up soon and look absolutely gorgeous. Here’s a sneak peek:


Like what you see?

The new experience is built using Material Design – a design language developed by Google and used in their own apps like Gmail, YouTube, Google Docs, Google Maps, Inbox, etc. We are still applying best practices like the PET (Persuasion, Emotion, Trust) and the KISS (Keep it Simple, Stupid) principles to make sure everything is simple and convenient. But we’re also improving both the visual aspect of the registration form and its usability.


Better branding

With this re-design we’re adding two great features for you as well. These are focused at helping you customize your client’s experience even further.

  • Adjust the colors on your registration form to match your brand
  • Choose between Light and Dark theme for better integration with your website

That way you can seamlessly integrate the registration form into your own website, where it will fit perfectly and do its magic. Or you can still use Weemss to create an event webpage if you don’t have a site yet.


More mobile-friendly than ever!

Using Material Design allowed us to make the registration forms more responsive and add better animations and transitions. As a result, the new look is not only modern, but  very lightweight and works great on smartphones, tablets, or any other personal and mobile device.


Remember that the way your clients register for your events or buy tickets is a key part of the event experience. Whether you’re using Weemss to organize a concert, manage an awards competition, or handle seat reservations, the platform already offers one of the best experiences in the business today. And it’s about to get better. So if you’re not using Weemss for your events, you are doing it wrong. Good thing it’s never too late to Get started!



Image source: Freepik