Entries Webpage and Voting Scale Added to Awards Management in Weemss

It’s another pair of features that you guys requested for your Awards competitions and we are happy to deliver!

Entries webpage

We just added an Entries webpage for public viewing, where you get to decide which bits and pieces are shown. You can allow these elements:

  • Show list of entries
  • View individual entry details
  • Show average rating
  • Show individual judge votes
  • Show judge comments

Just a friendly reminder – it’s better to select the last 3 options after you’ve announced the final results. It’s a great way to be fully transparent about the awards 🙂 The settings can be found in Website > Entries webpage.

Voting scale

There’s also a new button for pressing! The Voting scale button, found in Event settings > Judges, lets you adjust the scale judges will use to rate entries. The minimum is 5 (for a voting scale from 1 to 5) and the maximum is 100 (for a voting scale from 1 to 100).

Hope you enjoy the new features and we hope you keep sending us ideas and suggestions for improving Weemss!