Cool Photobooth Ideas for Events

Photoshoots are one of the highlights of any event, and the images, if executed well, have both a sentimental value to the attendees and serve as an effective marketing tool for event planners. A picture’s worth a thousand words, they say, but some pictures seem to be more worthy and memorable than others. The good old photo wall has been around for decades, a must for sponsors and organizers, a show stopper for guests and media representatives. It’s still being done at major red carpet events and conferences, however, there are now new solutions which are much more fun and interactive, promising to turn your gathering into a memorable and creative experience and even boosting your social media visibility and clout.

Here we offer you a compilation of new and not-so-new (but still pretty cool) photo booth solutions…

Dynamic 3D Gifs

Creative installations always draw crowds at events. Photo booths which create an immersive environment are an excellent way to provide that memorable event that event organisers and event goers crave. Moreover,  such activations can easily be tailored to fit the client’s brand and event perfectly, with fully customizable and instantly shareable event memorabilia.

Studio Booth | Ford – Los Angeles, CA | Jan 2, 2017

For the LA launch of the Ford EcoSport, Studio Booth worked with Civic Entertainment to develop a human-size terrarium that transported guests into a miniature world. This concept was a totally new way to utilise the StudioBooth Array and helped Ford create a literal way for guests to: Go Small. Live Big.


Time Stoppers

Freezing time is a super power that most of us have wished to possess. Fortunately, modern photographic equipment allows to capture magical moments from a variety of angles with multiple cameras triggered at the same time. The result is a stunning 360 or 180 image that a single camera setups just aren’t able to do. After your moment is captured, it takes less than a minute to process, then you can check out the video on TV screens.  A sharing station allows you to send a copy of that video to your email, where you can download and share it to the social media of your choosing.

Time Stoppers | Zija 10th Anniversary Summit | Salt Lake City, Utah, September 21-24, 2016

Every year, Zija – the Health, Wellness and Beauty company, organize this amazing summit for their partners and distributors. For the 2016 anniversary edition, they had a giant space at the convention center where they showcased their latest products and set up some fun activities for the attendees. The passion and excitement surrounding the company and the event was contagious and was instantly reflected in the Time stoppers 360.


The Magic Touch

Many events end up with loads of similar photos of attendees lined up in front of the good old photowall. But the truth is that a truly memorable event inspires truly memorable moments. And the most worthy photographs are the ones that really capture ‘the’ moment. With this credo in mind, Thermobooth puts a new spin on the photo booth experience. It combines a more human interaction with electronics, a high-tech OLED mirror that acts as a flash and display and thermal printing technology into a photo studio setting.

The technology features a new shutter release system in which skin contact between two or more people triggers a set of processes that result in a glorious lo-fi instant thermal-printed picture.

Thermobooth | Taliaystudio, Milan Design Week 2014 

For this event, Thermobooth set the stage for playful and unexpected moments. In just 6 days, the booth generated 6666 kisses, 1 km of printed photos on thermal paper – that’s 2.3 kisses per minute!

Drawing Attention

Including a sketch artist as part of the entertainment program can make your event more sophisticated and interactive. The artists mingle with the crowd and capture the most intriguing moments or personalities of your event. There are numerous options to choose from – narrative cartoons, caricatures or minimalist portraits. Now sketch artists have gone digital, and they produce shareable and video content too!

NY Drawing Booth

NY Drawing Booth is the nexus of founder Elke Reva Sudin’s love of drawing, technology and social engagement. In 2014, frustrated by a career in art that involved less and less actual art-making, Elke started looking for outlets that enabled her to draw as much as possible. Elke’s team of illustrators create sophisticated flash-portraits which can be branded and personalized and are instantly shareable or printable on-site.


The Classic Photobooth

Photobooths are suitable for all kinds of corporate and private events, from internal staff meetings, to product launches and galas, all the way up to national experiential marketing campaigns. Nowadays, the classic photobooth comes in many shapes or forms such as green screen, selfie mirrors as well as vintage and custom-built booths. Just add a creative backdrop or some cool props and let your attendees have fun. Whatever your choice, a photo booth is sure to add excitement to any event and generate social engagement both online and offline and creates a great take-home memento after the event. Photo booths are also a great way of fulfilling KPIs and generating real metrics for clients.

Shoot Booth & Verve: The Live Agency Santa Truck Christmas Roadshow, Ireland

For the third year in a row, Shoot Booth and Verve: The Live Agency and Coca Cola worked together on the Santa Truck Christmas Roadshow. This national campaign visited 12 locations around Ireland with the iconic Coca Cola Santa truck known from their classic TV campaign. Shoot Booth supplied a Branded open pod photo booth setup generating souvenir 6×4 inch prints for over 1,000 families at each event which added up to over 12,000 families across the campaign all receiving their own custom photographic print.

There are many possibilities to incorporate the photo booth into your event – you just need to think creatively and challenge your guests to be creative too. If you want your event to be truly memorable, don’t provide snapshots, offer memorable experiences.

“You don’t take a photograph, you make it.” – Ansel Adams
So true…

Featured image: Pexels licensed under CC0 1.0