Wanted: Event & Marketing Manager

We breathe EVENTS! We are a small and *awesome* team working remotely – just a tight-knit group that gets the job done!

Weemss is an event management software with solutions for event ticketing and awards management.

We also run an academy for event professionals with workshops in different European cities, and organize Eventex Awards – possibly the most coveted and recognizable awards in the world of events.

The job

You will be responsible for Event Academy and Eventex Awards. You will also be involved in marketing and customer success management for Weemss.

Your main responsibilities will be:

– Event marketing
– Customer relationship management
– Email marketing and management
– Partnership management
– PR & media management
– Social media management
– …and 162 other things.

Your profile

This job is for you if you:

… have perfect, near native English
… have strong interest and experience in marketing
… are really, really well organized
… can manage several projects and events at once
… are really good at using softwares, structuring and managing data
…can craft the perfect email and sales pitch
…can manage your email like a pro
…can work independently
…can maintain positive client relationships

We offer unbeatable perks!

– No office – work from anywhere in the world. Preferably be based in Bulgaria some of the time.
– Full time job (9 am – 6 pm)
– Result-oriented – We are liberal but extremely results-oriented.
– Excellent salary, simple formula – the more effective you are, the more we get, the more you get.

Interested? Send us your CV and killer pitch at [email protected] before November 12, 2017.