Beacon Use Cases for Events

Events today rely heavily on mobile technology to offer enhanced experiences to attendees. Among the spectrum of emerging mobile technologies available, a key focus area is bluetooth beacons. In this post, we list out five principal uses of beacons at events to create engaging and memorable experiences.



Self Check-in– attendees could receive personalized greeting, welcoming them and prompting them to to check in. The app can do an auto check-in once attendees are near and just show their status. Thus they can avoid the long queues.


Match-making – attendees, exhibitors, buyer/sellers indicate interests (either by LinkedIn or organizer tags interests in CMS) and notifications are sent if ‘match’ is available. Privacy can be maintained by providing opt-out settings for every user.

‘Around Me’ – with powerful opt-in features attendees discover like-minded people, locations, other participants or content in spite of a lack of wi-fi.

Guided Tour – the app could guide you to all relevant exhibitors. You can even create sponsored pre-configured guided tours.

Navigation, Floor/HeatMaps

‘Show me the way’– you could create key venue markers using beacons to do indoor positioning even without wi-fi connection. Using it, will help people navigate indoors with accuracy.

Real-time Heatmaps– discovery of hot spots where maximum people have congregated either for a popular session or exhibitor booth demo, as well as for identifying security issues (over-crowded location).


Scavenger Hunts– prevent boredom. Make attendees explore the complete venue/exhibitor hall. Combine it with a quiz and ensure attendee unlock questions only when they reach the venue.

Rewards Based on Physical-world Actions– get different rewards only if complete a certain task. For example, visit the exhibitor floor at least X times to win a free drink or attend more than Z workshops for more than 30 minutes each and get a conference t-shirt, or get early-bird vouchers for morning check-ins or an early check-in.

Unlock Content– acknowledge physical presence of participants by delivering relevant content like side-decks, e-books, PDFs. No more promises, no more waiting, no more asking.

Sponsorships & Promotion

Proximity Marketing– provide your partners with another ROI effective channel for marketing their brochures, promotions, offers. Automate offers if attendees have attended a partner’s session or liked a certain post when they are approaching the stall.

Extended Exhibitor Service– provide discovery of exhibitors with interesting products/services while walking by. Know who is the person at the booth and exchange V-card digitally. You could also play a video of the product as attendees approach the booth.

Sponsored Beacons- provide sponsorship opportunities on all the above mentioned use-cases for attendees (keeping in mind privacy).

Have you used beacons for your events, event profs? Let us know in a comment below.

Images: derivatives of photos by skeeze, Jeff Chabot (chabotphoto), Miguel Muñoz Hierro (Conquero), Theodor Moise and  Tuna Ölger, all licensed under CC0 1.0.

Guest author:

Pallav Barah is Co-founder and CEO of AIDAIO technologies – a platform helping brands & events build private social communities using custom mobile apps integrated to emerging technologies like beacons, virtual reality and modern native designs. Follow them on @teamaidaio to know more.