Awards Management with Weemss is LIVE

We did say something BIG was coming to Weemss this quarter, and it is now here!

Awards Management with Weemss

With Weemss Awards Management you can organize and manage any type of awards competition or contest.

Here are 6 reasons to be excited about this Weemss update!

Fast and Easy Awards Setup Setup

Set up your awards competition in minutes. Easy, flexible, and highly customizable as is customary for all things Weemss. This is an end-to-end awards management solution – it includes everything from initial setup and tailoring the awards exactly the way you want them, to accepting entry submissions, managing jury members, voting, and monitoring results.

Awards web page in a few clicks

Again, in the spirit of Weemss, you can embed the registration form directly on your own website – it’s just like putting a YouTube video, only much more useful. Or if for some reason you don’t have a site, you can create one with Weemss in mere minutes, even if you have zero experience with web creation and design. All it takes is a few clicks, tick some checkboxes, provide a few pieces of information and voilà, your awards web page is up and running!

A most convenient entry submission process

You can create custom entry categories and forms for your awards. Then assign specific forms to specific entry categories. But what’s really exciting about our solution is the convenience it offers for everyone involved. So while you’re free to tailor your awards exactly the way you want them, participants will really enjoy how easy and convenient it is to register and then create, edit, review and submit their award entries. They can even do it all from a smartphone, tablet, or any other device!

Jury members and voting

You can invite jury members and assign them to specific entry categories. The jury members will also appreciate their easy to use and clean interface for evaluating the entries. It may be simple, but it’s also effective and lets them do their job with maximum efficiency. Oh, and it’s mobile-friendly as well so they can get things done from any personal or mobile device!

Real-time sales and results analytics

Analyze the results and your awards performance in all areas through rich reports and detailed statistics. A well-organized and clear view of everything – from voting progress and which jury members haven’t voted yet, to most popular entry category and most widely used payment method, you have all the information you need at the click of a button.

Everything else in Weemss

The Awards Management solution has all the excellent features that made Weemss one of the fastest-growing services on the market today. You still get your payments right away and directly to your account, the unrivaled amount of localization options, the magical marketing tools, the 3rd party app integration, and so much more!

So if you’re new to Weemss SIGN UP NOW to see how event management can be better for you, or if you’re already registered maybe jump in and check out the Awards Management module – it all starts with the Create event button!