Why We Absolutely Had to Ditch the FREE Bit of Weemss

Weemss is a massive and sophisticated piece of technology that eats up a lot of time and resources to run smoothly. Today our platform is much bigger than 2 years ago when we started. Weemss grew in quality, features, number of services it offers, and our client-base is spread across 70 countries worldwide. It’s become impossible to continue running the free part of the service.

For those of you unfamiliar with our soon to be gone FREE model, it’s pretty simple. The service fees are based on a percentage of every sale made through Weemss, where the percentage depends on the type of event you create (2.5% to 3.5%). Which meant that if your event is free, you got to use everything Weemss has to offer at no cost.

Unfortunately, with the increasing amount of events organized through Weemss, we just can’t keep up providing the same top level of customer service, without incurring additional costs ourselves.

Тhat’s why, starting September 1st, we are adding a minimum Weemss fee of €0.49 per ticket (or entry). This change means that free tickets (or entries) will now be charged for using the service.

The service fees remain otherwise unchanged – 2.5% per ticket for regular events, 2.9% for events that require seat reservations, and 3.5% per entry for using the awards management service.

What does this mean for my free events?

It means that starting the 1st of September registrations for free events with Weemss will be charged €0.49 per ticket or entry. This fee ensures that we can threat your event with the full attention it deserves and that we have the full resource to support and service it.

Do these changes affect me, if I don’t organize free events?

Realistically, no. About 99% of our users who organize paid events will not be affected by this change. However, we are making some slight adjustments to our ‘Fees and charging’ policy that you should know about.

  • Starting September 1st the Weemss service fee will be calculated upon registration, based on the price of the order at the time it was made. Consequent changes to the price will not have any effect on the fee.
  • If an order is partially or fully cancelled, before the event, the fee will be refunded as account credit in Weemss.
  • There’s going to be a maximum cap on the Weemss fee. The cap is €19.95 per ticket (or entry). This change means that your Weemss fee per ticket (or entry) can not and will not go higher than €19.95 per ticket (or entry). Some of you will love this change.

What if I have already planned an event after September 1?

We value you as a customer and we know how important every event is. For us it is extremely important to be fair to everyone. If you are a registered Weemss user and have an event coming up after September 1st with tickets (or entries) that are free or cost less than 20, we will credit your account with the appropriate amount. This offer is valid only for events announced before July 27. Just let us know!

We’re always happy to discuss your options and help out! You can start a conversation via Weemss chat support or drop us an email at [email protected].