A helpful little update to our seating chart designer

Going against the “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” principle, we just released a nice update with improvements to the seating chart designer. You’re busy, we’re busy – I’ll get straight to what’s new, without wasting your time.

Draft charts

When you’re making adjustments to a seating chart, any changes made are now kept in draft mode until “published” or “discarded”. This should make it more convenient to revert changes to your seating charts and give you more room for experimentation.

Real-time hold seats

We’ve improved the way the system tracks seat availability. This is now done entirely in real-time to ensure that ticket buyers cannot book the same seat twice. Seats are held from the moment a selection is made, until they are either booked, or time out after a few minutes.

Seat labels

Seat labels are now mandatory to make sure when someone picks a seat they know exactly where to go. Situations where double labeling on seats could be mistakenly achieved were also removed.

See, promised not to waste your time, so I kept this short and sweet. Bottom line is, these changes will make your life a bit easier when creating and editing your seating charts in Weemss!

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