8 Creativity-Sparking Tips for Event Organizers

Creativity is believed to be innate. You’re either born with it, or just don’t have it. That’s totally wrong! Everybody is creative in some way and to a certain extent. You might not be Picasso but you might be great in generating creative ideas or in creative writing, for example. And what’s more important, it’s only up to you to nurture your creativity so that it grows and blossoms. It’s actually just like any other skill that could be learned and developed.

Why do you need to make the effort, though? Simply because creativity is one of the crucial skills any top-notch event oraganizer should possess. You need to have creative thinking and come up with unique ideas for…well, pretty much everything that concerns your event, if you want it to stand out. Not to mention that creative problem-solving is the event manager’s only way to be efficient at this intense and stressful job.

To help you enhance your creativity, we’ve put together 8 tips that could be easily applied to the event organizer’s lifestyle.

1. Answer the question “ What if?” or “What might have been?” for different scenarios of the past

The so-called counterfactual thinking is a concept in psychology and is especially effective when trying to find a creative solution to a problem. To experiment with this technique, take events that have already happened and re-imagine different scenarios, subtracting or adding “what if” elements that would have affected the outcome. That’s a great way to do another analysis of your last event but from a different perspective and would definitely help you to come up with new creative ideas for your next projects.

2. Re-visualize your future event from different angles

If I had an hour to solve a problem I’d spend 55 minutes thinking about the problem and five minutes thinking about solutions. Albert Einstein

Instead of thinking only of your event’s final goals (like how many attendees you must have, what revenue you should achieve and so on),  try first to re-conceptualize it from different angles. Just forget about all the numbers and targets for a while and free your mind. Visualize your target audience: what makes them smile, what are they fed up or bored with, what challenges them, what are their main problems, what inspires them etc. That will help you come up with lots of out of the box ideas and solutions.

3. Set some restrictions for yourself

Sounds weird but restricting yourself in some ways could bring out your most creative side. It’s just like when you have few basic products and some leftovers in your fridge and out of the blue you come up with an ingenious gourmet-dish idea. That’s how some world-known recipes were actually invented, by the way. You could apply the same concept at your work. Setting some limits helps you escape repetition or avoid taking the path of “least resistance” which is creativity’s number one killer. Pretty often you don’t need to impose restrictions since they already exist, like having a really small budget for your event, for example. Believe it or not, some of the most creative ideas I’ve came across were at some low-budget events. Other examples include limiting the use of words to less than 15 to describe your event or forget about traditional conference rooms and start searching for an unconventional venue that nobody has used before.

4. Trigger your positivity and good mood

Staying positive is important for staying creative. If negative moods could sometimes stimulate some artists, writers or composers, they will definitely destroy any germ of creativity when it comes to the event management profession. There are number of ways to evoke positive emotions and your creative thinking like:

  • Listening to music
    So simple, yet such an effective way to stay positive and inspired. Classical music is well-known to increase creativity and concentration but even if you’re not into Bach and Mozart, any music you love would have a beneficial effect on your spirit and creativity.
  • Laugh
    Even if not in the mood, try to find something to chuckle about: watch a funny video on Youtube, read some jokes or anecdotes or just talk to a friend or a coworker with a great sense of humour.
  • Get out for a short walk in the park
    Fresh air, lots of greenery around you (a colour proven to boost imagination and energize the body) and some walking is the perfect combination for recharging your creative batteries.
  • Play
    All children are creative. One of the main reasons for that is that they constantly exercise their imagination by playing. To stay creative, you should do the same – just keep playing. Of course, I’m not talking about video games (though some types of video games could enhance creativity too), but about playing real games involving physical or mental activity. Having realized the beneficial effect of playing on our creativity, some companies have even created game rooms in their offices equipped with a pool table, a tennis table or simply some board games or Jenga. Playing is not only a natural booster of creativity but also a cultivator of a strong team-working spirit. It’s not a coincidence that the whole concept of team-building is centered around games and team outings!
  • Create a Creative Space
    Even if not a whole room for relaxation and inspiration, you could create a little corner to ignite your creativity. The design of this special place should be tailored specially for you/your team: use the colours you like, decorate it with objects that inspire you, put a vision board on the wall or place some plants/flowers (it’s always a good idea to bring nature into your office) etc. Just by creating that special place, you will exercise your creative thinking!
  • Have some booze
    A little alcohol usually helps you relax and think more broadly. I would like to stress on little alcohol, because it will have the counter-effect if you go too far! So why not occasionally have a briefing over a glass of homemade Mojito instead of a cup of coffee (at the end of the working day, of course).

5. Exercise

When we’re physically active, the body loosens up and so does our mind which is its natural state for generating creative ideas. If stuck with a task or just blocked in front of the computer trying to come up with a new marketing copy, just go out for some jogging or have a quick session at the gym and come back physically and mentally refreshed. New ideas might rise up even during exercising! Moreover, some studies reveal that people who exercise regularly performed better on creative tasks than their less active peers did.  Yoga is a great option for physical activity since it also reduces stress and anxiety. But whatever sport you choose, it’s important that it brings you pleasure (not only sweating) so that its creativity-boosting effect doubles.

6. Experiment

Experimenting is not only one of the golden rules in organising spectacular events but it could also help your creative juices flow. Trying new things could include anything from travelling to new places and experiencing new sensations (like base jumping or rafting) to something as simple as eating with your left hand (and vice-versa if left-handed). Just never stop being curious and adventurous so that you keep on being creative as well.

7. Ask for somebody else’s opinion and ideas

Sometimes you might be stuck in a well-worn concept and might need some fresh air of ideas. Don’t be ashamed to look for them outside your office: from a friend, a former co-worker or why not your neighbour. Even if that person has nothing to do with your industry (pretty often that’s even better), they might suggest or mention something that could give you different perspectives and spark a whole new stream of thoughts

8. Use Event Management Software

If there’s something that certanly kills creativity, that’s boring tedious tasks. And they would take a great part of your event organizer’s work if you don’t use event management software. Alternatively, you can simply streamline your events, make your job a breeze and free up tons of time to be creative and focus on what makes a difference… thanks to Weemss.  Unleash your creativity and thank us later. You can start your unlimited free trial here.

How do you nurture your creative powers? We will be happy if you share with us your little secrets for being creative in a comment below.

Featured image: derivative of an untitled photo by Edu Lauton licensed under CC0 1.0