5 Fresh Meeting Room Trends: New York Edition

It’s no secret that the meeting and event industry is undergoing some major design changes. Ancient, traditional office spaces and cobweb-cornered meeting rooms are being left in the dust and replaced with fresh, creative and unusual spaces for meetings and workshops. As the changing culture continually pushes the boundaries and searches for new territory to discover, meeting and event venues are becoming increasingly diverse. Below you can find a collection of some of the coolest, most unique and funkiest venues for meetings, events, workshops, seminars, and training sessions New York has to offer.


Minimal yet Modern

Avant-garde penthouse workshop location in Tribeca

This is the perfect type of meeting space for getting more traditional bosses and top clients in touch with a younger vibe, as it is contemporary but still polished and professional. The refined and classy atmosphere is complemented by fun and funky small touches like paint drops on the floor keeping the vibe away far away from untouchable.
The uncomplicated color scheme as well as the lack of distracting stimuli make this workshop space inspiring and well-suited for concentrated conferences, brainstorms and discussions. The stunning raw-edged wooden table is an attention-commanding statement piece where professionality and concentration are always seated at the head of the table. The minimalist, yet natural aesthetic is carried on in the matching wooden stools featured in natural wood variations as well as black and gold for a bit of extra pizzazz.

Casual, Comfortable and Cool

Workshop room in coworking space in Williamsburg

An intimate and cool workshop space has the potential to inspire creative ideas and easy collaboration. The funky colors and accessories create a casual and friendly atmosphere that’s perfect for a small conferences or brainstorming meetings. Structured furniture and professional touches like bookshelves and a TV screen for presentations keep the space from being too casual and ensure that the meeting will stay efficient. At the same time, the coziness of the meeting space keeps coworkers in close and direct contact, thus creating the perfect atmosphere for small teams or committees. The decoration items could also be a great asset for sparking conversation and team-bonding.

Visionary with a View

Modern conference room with a view, Battery Park

The right atmosphere and design can awaken a contagious spirit of exploration and success.
A breathtaking view makes a professional board room inspiring and sure to yield ambitious results. This classic board room is transformed into a visionary space just by adding some fun and adventurous accessories such as binoculars and a telescope to fully absorb all of the surrounding inspiration. This type of meeting space has the potential to inspire new project ideas or perhaps company expansions or any other ambitions plans developed right alongside the clouds. The monochrome color scheme is intended to keep meeting participants focused and really make the scenery pop.

Easy and Bohemian with Blended Elements

Bright, spacious loft on the Lower East Side

The open plan of the meeting space provides lots of room to work creatively and switch up the traditional inside-the-box meeting format, giving meeting-goers room to roam and break up in different teams or participate in interactive brainstorming activities. Vibrant textiles, mixed-and-matched furniture and a whimsical element such as the hammock contribute to the Bohemian atmosphere and the creative processes. Bright sunlight warms the space and gives it a sunny and pleasant vibe.
Incorporating many diverse design elements in one room creates a free and easy air that makes teams feel comfortable and inspired. Day-long meetings and creatively unrestricted brainstorms would fit seamlessly into this casual yet composed type of workshop room.

Kitschy and Quirky

Colorful and playful workshop space in Brooklyn

The colorful array of fun accents gives a room a healthy dose of amusement and inspiration – the perfect space for any creative meeting, team-bonding or interactive training sessions. This wondrously cute meeting space is the perfect place to inspire whimsy and imagination. The industrial workshop venue is decked out in personalized and punchy decorations guaranteed to make the eyes happy.

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