Your Event’s data: The big picture unravelled

Data is extremely important in any business. First you collect it. Then you segment that data so it can be used for marketing and improving your operations. You end up with a database of your customers, customer profiles, performance data, etc. This database has to be kept up-to-date and growing. The larger your database gets the bigger your business becomes.

Now let me explain how online event registration solution Weemss helps you literally every step of the way to building, maintaining, and growing your database.

Data retention

Organizing an event is a good way for you to collect and store some valuable attendee data in relation to companies, industries, interests, preferences, as well as the success of promotional sales, event performance, etc. This is called data retention. The issue here is that many online event services also want a piece of that pie.

Some services’ data retention policies subtly tell you that while you retain the event data, they do as well and you end up helping them grow their database. They get contact details of your customers and various pieces of valuable information.

Why would you want someone else to bear the fruits of all of your hard work – with Weemss you are the sole owner of the event data.

Maybe you’re ok with the concept of sharing your data with third parties. Just remember that these third parties can potentially use the data for their own marketing purposes, which could potentially hinder your own future efforts (meaning promote your competition’s events for example).

Data automation

Data segmentation (the process of segmenting your data to use more efficiently) has gained importance and power in recent years. CRM, email automation, and event management services like Weemss can now help you save hours of tedious manual work.

Would you rather spend time organizing an event or organizing your database – with Weemss you can automate all tasks related to your data.

You can connect over 500 popular web apps and services directly to Weemss. A single new event registration can automatically trigger a number of other tasks, such as updating a customer’s profile in Pipedrive, adding info to a Google Docs spreadsheet, creating a new contact directly in MailChimp, and more! The data from your events can be used to improve customer retention and make post-event follow up more effective.

Exporting more data

Automation is admittedly great, but sometimes data requires a personal touch. By that I mean manual data export and Weemss has that too. What about collecting data from customers who didn’t complete the registration process?

Think of these unfinished registrations as the equivalent of what is commonly referred to as Abandoned Cart (or Cart Abandonment) for your event shop. Abandoned carts are an inescapable truth for every online retailer. Your event revenue would increase if you manage to capture at least some of those sales instead of losing them.

So what you can do if the potential buyer decides to leave without purchasing – with Weemss you can export data from unfinished registrations.

Exporting this data allows you to use Ad Retargeting and Email Recovery Campaigns to get the customer back to your event page and hopefully complete their purchase. After all they were there for that very reason initially.

On top of this you get to export registrations data, ticket data, and check-in data. That’s a ton of data for you to scrutinize.

Data security

Of course all of the above would mean nothing, if all that data is not protected. Some of it has to be stored with us in order for Weemss to function, so we have to make sure your data and that of your customers is truly safe. Here are just some highlights from our airtight security:

  • Connections to Weemss are encrypted with TLS 1.2 protocols.
  • Our servers are monitored 24/7/365 for suspicious activities and to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Employee access to the user data is highly restricted and can be accessed exclusively with the user’s express permission and only by a senior support staff member.
  • We do not keep ANY credit or debit card information on our servers. Your payments are guaranteed and processed by Braintree Payments (a PayPal company) – Level 1 PCI DSS Compliant Service Provider.

There’s more, but I wouldn’t want to give too much away… I’ve already said too much!

See the big picture

Remember that data is one of your organization’s most valuable resources. Treat it right and it will grow to be your most powerful ally against business mediocrity. It’s why we made sure Weemss does everything right when it comes to YOUR event’s data.

If you haven’t tried Weemss yet, you really should. Get started now and enjoy an online event software that gives you full organizer independence and knows how to treat your data right!