2016 upcoming weemss releases features and updates

In our previous post we looked at all the Weemss releases and updates throughout 2015. Isn’t it beautiful how cloud software works? We do all the hard work, so you don’t have to! No downloads, no installation, no annoying update pop-ups, no backtime, ok, enough sales chit-chat!

In 2016 we are rolling out something BIG! It’s not a new release, update, or even a feature. It’s a whole new piece of software architecture that will transform Weemss and a certain part of the events industry. Expect more on that later this month!

And here are the new Weemss features, we’ll be bringing you in 2016, in non-chronological order.

Clone events

Heavily requested and we’re on it! The feature will allow you to copy the settings from an existing event and create a new event – therefore to “clone”.
This new update will be very useful to event planners with multiple events that share the same settings. Cloning events will save you time by speeding up the whole event creation and management process.

Google Tag Manager

With Google Tag Manager working with Weemss, you’ll be able to integrate tracking codes like Facebook pixel and other third party affiliate software.

Registration Form Re-design

Something we’ve already started working on, an overhaul of the Registration form. The newly re-designed Registration form will follow the latest trends in web design and continue on from the earlier Weemss Event Webpage and Dashboard re-designs of 2015.

Additional Products

A very practical addition to our 2016 list, Weemss users will benefit in two important ways from this new feature:

1) Additional products will allow you to upsell products to participants. Whether that’s something small such as a book, poster, T-shirt or as big as a hotel booking, the feature will give all you event organizers an additional stream of revenue from your events!

2) Additional Products will also allow for events to be split into sessions, and for each session to be sold separately. That way your attendees will be able to customize their experience in multi-day and multi-session events!

Reserved Seating

Customizable seating plans will be added to the event registration process. For venues and events with a unique seating plan, and pricing categories, the reserved seating feature will allow you to visually create those for participants to select. This new feature will also allow Weemss to branch out into venues such as theatres and cinemas, who are looking for a faster way to manage their bookings.

Bonus: Conditional Fields

Another feature for the Weemss Registration form builder. Conditional fields will allow organizers to choose the options available to a participant, based on their previous answer to a question.

As always, I’m sure there will be tonnes of other smaller updates throughout the year, but in general, these are the major new features which we will be releasing this coming year in Weemss.

Do you have any feature suggestions? You can let us know here!

Here’s to a prosperous and event-full 2016,

Ovanes Ovanessian
CEO, Co-founder

Image: Abstract vector designed by Freepik