Generating buzz for your events like a pro

There are great ways to generate a considerable amount of buzz around your events, without spending a dime. We summarized the best ways to do that in our first free e-book ‘Organizing Events on a Zero Budget’, written by none other than Weemss’ resident event guru and company CEO Ovanes. Here’s a quick excerpt from the book:

Publicity is all about reach and you want to reach as many people as possible. You want to get them talking about your event and at no expense! Zero-budget style, right?

Let’s see if it can be done.

QuickTip – Yes, it can.

For Traditional and Online Media Partners

In Chapter 4 ‘How to Negotiate Anything for Your Event’ we discussed how to get partners on board and by this point you should have certain media outlets that are partnering with you for your event. Presumably you are giving them something extra that non-partner media will not be receiving. In return you can ask for something extra as well. In addition to the publication of press releases, interviews and other promotional materials, ask the media outlets you are partnering with for:

– Permanent or periodic presence in their publications (online and offline)
– Place your organization’s or event’s logo as their partner
– Ad space
– Publish some promotional materials for the event
– Permanent or periodic presence in their newsletter or bulletin:
– Presence at one or more of their events if they have any – booth or stand, make a short presentation during a session break, prize draw (the prize being tickets to your event), etc.

For Traditional and Online Media (non-Partners)

Create a targeted media list

Set your sights on local media outlets and get as local as possible. Journalists are after stories that are important to the community they cover, so if your event is in South-East London look for media based there. Create a list of the publications you have found and add the editors’ contacts.

Localize by industry too. Find media outlets that cover your particular industry or field, or that of the event and add those to your list as well. If you are organizing a gaming conference contact magazines that review games and likely cover the gaming industry.

To recap, focus your efforts on media that is:

– Small -> Local -> Specialized

That is not to say you should avoid big media outlets, just tailor your message and focus more on the ones above.

Prepare a Press Release like a PRo

Now that you have your list of media outlets you need to prepare an engaging Press Release. The Press Release needs to sound worthwhile for the journalist to cover and also worthwhile for the audience to read and engage.

There is a vast amount of Press Release guides online, whichever you pick just make sure you are covering your PR basics, the five W’s  and one ‘H’:

– Who is organizing the event?
– What is the event about?
– Where is it happening?
– When is it happening?
– Why is it important or interesting?
– How is it relevant to the media outlet and audience?

Press Release Topics and Ideas

– Event Announcement
– New Session/Topic/Activity Announcement
– New Partner Onboard
– New Sponsor Onboard
– New Speaker or Performer Announcement
– Interview with a Speaker or Performer
– Prize Draw Announcement
– New Promotion or Offer Announcement (we’ve got more on that in chapter 9 ‘The Fine Art of Selling Tickets For Your Event’)
– New Milestone Reached

QuickTip: Remember to draw a line between media partners and non-partners if you want to have a fruitful relationship with your media partners. For any partnership to work it needs to be mutually beneficial for both parties.

For Social Media and Content Marketing

You need to be present and very active on Social Media. Join conversations. Don’t just “like” and “favourite” other people’s comments, add a reply and make it more personal. Share useful information with your audience, share useful articles from your blog. Thank people when they share your articles and retweet them (Twitter). Of course all of this will go alongside the promotions, updates, press releases and news coverage you will be publishing regularly.”

That’s just a short excerpt from the chapter ‘Spreading the Word Without Spending a Dime’. Download the book to read the whole chapter and find out how you can engage more people than ever through popular social media channels like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. It’s absolutely FREE and we won’t even ask for your email, credit card information, social security number, or shoe size.

P.S. Be warned though – the book contains a lot product placement (mostly Weemss) and will suggest that you Try it for your next event, if you haven’t.

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Image: Sandra Druschke | Some rights reserved