One year of Weemss excellence


This month Weemss celebrates its first birthday. We wanted to celebrate the occasion with something meaningful and at the same time say thanks to the many organizers that chose us -. Our conclusion was that the best way to do this is by releasing a whole e-book of neat tips and tricks on how to organize events like a true pro. It’s called ‘Organizing Events on a Zero Budget’ and is the first of many we have planned. Why on a zero budget? Because it provides an extra challenge! In it you can find awesome stuff like:

– 16 ProTips
– 64 Quick Tips
– How to refine your event concept
– How to Know Your Event Audience and Why You Need to
– How to negotiate ANYTHING for your event
– How to create a website that helps you sell more
– How to publicise your event at no cost
– The best tools to help with the event organization
– Everything you need to know about the art of selling tickets

Visit this page to download ‘Organizing Events on a Zero Budget’, featuring a whooping 64 QuickTips and another 16 ProTips. There’s something in there for everyone in the industry.

Since Weemss officially launched last July we added a ton of new features and optimized almost every single one that was already in place – from top of the line marketing tools, team collaboration features, and in-app messaging, to completely reworking the Event webpage functionality and redesigning the way they look. Even the UI (User Interface) received some attention to make your work easier.

And we’ve got so much more planned for this year and beyond. Until then – to our registered users we say a big Thank You and invite those who haven’t tried Weemss yet to definitely give it a go!