Weemss update brings extra ‘Oomph’ to your events

Our efforts in this past month have been focused on giving some extra ‘Oomph’ to your events by improving the look and functionality of two key Weemss features – the webpage creator and the personal registration profiles. Here’s a look at these changes and some words on the way they will directly benefit your business.

Webpage creator UI improvements

We felt that the original webpage creator was falling a bit short compared to, well, the rest of our features. First, we separated each of the standard elements and gave them their own settings. You can now:

  • Choose to have the date and time of the event displayed in the Header of the webpage
  • Add a Call to Action (CTA) button at the top of the page that once clicked takes the visitor directly to the registration form
  • Pick a cover a cover photo for your webpage from a gallery of existing covers or upload a custom one
  • Add detailed information about your event and format the text any way you want
  • Edit the title above your registration form
  • Add detailed information about the event venue, address, and its exact location on the map
  • Add social media buttons and contact information in the footer of your event webpage

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The new webpage creator in Weemss allows you to set up a web portal to your next event in just a few minutes.

Event webpage re-design

We re-designed the event webpages created with Weemss. The new design brings a clean, modern, structured look to your event pages.

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The way you present an event on the web will directly affect your customer’s perception of both the event itself and the company organizing it. The one thing you don’t want is for your customers to think yours is a small time company that doesn’t take their events seriously.

Improved registration profiles

The personal registration profiles sent to the ticket buyer/registrant also received visual and functional upgrades. They now adopt the look and use the information you’ve set on the event webpage.


We didn’t just make the registration profiles more aesthetically pleasing, but also made them easier to navigate, and added…

An extra layer of security

Weemss is already super secure. Having said that, we wanted to make sure the end-user’s personal information and tickets are even more protected in the likely scenario where your customers access their registration profiles from a public computer or an unsecured network. This was done by introducing randomly generated PIN codes for every registration profile. The code is automatically sent to the ticket buyer’s email address upon registering for the event and is required to open the registration profile. You can view the PIN code for each registration as well – it’s displayed under the profile link for the selected registration.

Last thoughts

We are firm believers that every organizer should have a website worthy of their events. Whether you’re using our webpage creator or integrating the registration form into your own site, Weemss gives you all the best tools you need to succeed. This update further reiterates our commitment to always improve on existing features, while continuing to add new and exciting ones.

We are hard at work on the next major feature and it’s shaping up to be quite amazing. I look forward to sharing some information about the new release,  but since I was forced to sign an NDA agreement in blood, this will have to wait until we’re ready to blow the lid on it.

Image by: Florent Chretien | Some rights reserved