5 Reasons I Love Tuesdays and Hate the Weekend

Yep, Tuesdays.

Excited, walking to work one morning with an important meeting surrounding a big Weemss event, at the same time looking forward to an after work pub quiz with friends. It was a Tuesday and I thought to myself…

…Weekdays have a bad rep, but this Tuesday has the potential to be as good, even better than a day from my weekend. For the sake of being my own Devil’s Advocate I came up with 5 solid reasons a weekday, like Tuesday, IS in fact better than the weekend. Read on and see if you agree.

Last minute movie tickets, horrible seats and Reason #1

Friday night and having trouble reserving a table at a restaurant, bar or club? Running around town on a Saturday doing shopping trying to catch a last minute movie and all they have left are front row seats?

I’m not being a Negative Nancy, fact is everyone’s out on the weekend and you will be bumping into hordes of people everywhere you go. If you had the bright idea of seeing a movie or going out for dinner, chances are someone else already beat you to the punch.

On a Tuesday people are less pressured to “do stuff”. It’s more likely that you will get the movie theatre seats in the middle aisle and row or the restaurant table by the window.

Reason #2 is wrongly assuming that the weekend is responsibility and deadline free.

We have to deal with reservations, bookings and various planned and unplanned activities on weekends. We hold obligations to our family, friends and relatives, they just happen to be under the disguise of “free” time activities. However “free” time ≠ play time, and it’s never free.

At work on a Tuesday my responsibilities are generally fixed. I know what I am supposed to do and how to do it, generally speaking. My responsibilities are defined.

After work I can easily get away from an engagement with “I had a long day” (sorry).

“The Dose Makes the Poison” or my Reason #3

The quote above is by Paracelsus, who was basically saying that anything can be a poison under a certain dosage. With excessive rest or too many activities the weekend can be a waste of time or a supernova-type burnout.

On a Tuesday I can go out with friends, go for a drink, go to any event, but because this “free” time is limited I feel a need to be “good”, to not overindulge and be more grounded in general.

Reason #4 and my “New Year’s Eve Analogy”

New Year’s Eve parties rarely meet our expectations. How can a single celebration be SO spectacular, to mark all celebrations and send off a whole year? Tough job.

Similarly weekends can under deliver on expectations. We want to cram in everything, but there is just not enough time in those three nights and two days.

Personally, I think the best things in life are unplanned and unscheduled, like a Tuesday night.

Tuesday IS my weekend and my Reason #5

Today is Tuesday and the weekend was over two days ago you say? Well, I can do everything my heart desires on a Tuesday. I can leave work a little early and play sports, see my friends, see a movie, get some drinks, of course all within reason.

What is your favourite day? Is it a weekday or the upcoming weekend?

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Dimitar is Head of Growth at Weemss and does, in fact, love the weekend.