3 Reasons Going Local with Your Events is a Must!

Nowadays English is widely regarded as the language of business but in reality the language of business is the same as it’s always been – that of your customer. And while big international events are likely to remain English-speaking in order to accommodate participants from all over the world, the simple truth is that in every other case you just can’t afford to ignore the great benefits of localizing.

What exactly is localization?

Simply put, it’s the process of adapting your product to the specifics of your target market. In our case the product is an event, so localizing it means translating and adapting everything – from the registration form, confirmation messages and email communication with participants, to currencies, payment methods, and pretty much everything else according to the country or the locale of the event.

The benefits of localization

A quick research on the Internet shows that of approximately 7.2 billion people inhabiting the planet right now, about 1.2 billion are either native English speakers or speak English as a foreign language. Even if my numbers are not precise I believe they serve their purpose – to underline the fact that as prominent as the English language is, there are a lot of people who do not speak it. This brings us to one of the main benefits of localization:


Reaching a wider audience

When organizing an event you want to have as many people attend as possible. It may sound counterintuitive but going local allows you to do just that. Having the registration process for the event in the native language of the country means more people are likely to register for that event. According to researchers at the Common Sense Advisory 56% of consumers find the ability to learn about a product in their own language more important than the price of the product. It also inspires their trust in your event and…

…Strengthens your brand’s image

Your brand’s image is especially important if you plan on organizing more events in the country you’re localizing your product for. Having the registration process in the language of your audience shows a visible commitment to them and considerably increases the chance they’ll attend your event and the ones to follow. What these two benefits mean for your business is in marketing terms known as…

…Better market penetration

Market penetration occurs when a company manages to penetrate a market in which current or similar products already exist. It is one of the four pillars of business growth as defined by Igor Ansoff – the father of strategic management. Simply put, better market penetration means increased sales. Localizing an event brings great return on investment results, regardless if you’re organizing a one-time event or are looking to make a mark in the long run.

“The need for information crosses all borders”

These words are taken straight from Google’s company philosophy page and are definitely words to live by if you value your business and your customers! Google have put a lot of time and effort behind this philosophy – for example, their search interface is available in more than 130 languages, has the added ability to restrict search results to content written in the user’s own language, and they’ve even created a fast and easy to use translation tool. Because they are a company that understands the true value of product localization and lifting the language barrier.

A noticeable competitive edge

Nowadays you can easily localize the registration process for your event without “bleeding” money. Weemss is an intelligent ticketing and event registration software that offers localization from over 40 languages. Additionally you can choose from more than 160 currencies and add various payment methods to boost your sales and create a registration process that your customers will understand, prefer, and enjoy.


Featured image: derivative of an untitled photo by Eak K. licensed under CC0 1.0