Organize Better, Manage Your Events Faster with Weemss

As an event organizer in a world where ‘Time is money’ rings truer than ever, it is vitally important to make the most of your time. That’s why the latest major Weemss update is designed specifically to address that need.

In-app team collaboration

In-app team collaboration

The biggest improvement comes from the option to communicate with your co-workers directly through Weemss. The team collaboration feature is designed to keep everyone on your team in the know. It’s quick and to-the-point coordination between you and your co-workers. There are two main areas where you can post a message depending on who is supposed to read it:

– EVENT DAHBOARD MESSAGE – leave a message on the Dashboard. The Dashboard is meant to be the central hub for everyone working on the event and any messages there should be relevant to the event. Everything posted on the Dashboard will also show in the Activity section.

– ORGANIZATION ACTIVITY MESSAGE messages in the Activity section of the organization. As previously mentioned all team collaboration messages will appear here, regardless if they were posted within a specific registration or on the Dashboard. You can also post a message to address all co-workers in the organization, especially if you have different teams working on different events.

Registration messages

Registration messages 2

Now you can post a comment within a registration. It can provide important information about the registration or serve as a reminder to do something – like change its status, adjust some of the data, or make a refund for example. Anything you post in a registration will also appear on the event’s Dashboard and in the Activity section of the organization, along with a link to the specific registration for fast access. It’s a one-click wonder!

Quick links

Quick links 2

Manage a list of links on the Dashboard right next to the team communication. For example, you can link to your event webpage and to all event-related documents in Dropbox, Google Drive, or whichever cloud-based service you use for sharing files. This is again designed to improve your team’s efficiency and to make sure everyone is on the same page – literally and figuratively. Unless you are linking to pictures of cute kittens, which is the equivalent of a black hole on the Internet, as far as productive work is concerned.

Better Statistics & Reports

Better Statistics & Reports

Although this change does not directly affect your work efficiency, we felt that it will help you understand your event data better. All information is now more detailed – monitor sales per Ticket category and access reports about your Promo codes, Special offers, Income, and prefered Payment methods. You can also choose to see statistics for a specific period of time. These improvements will give you a more in-depth look at what works best for your event revenue.

Streamlining the process…

…of coordinating means it is now easier than ever to organize your events. While the Team collaboration module and Quick links feature keep everyone in the know, they also keep things tidy and structured so that the members of your team don’t need to jump through hoops to get the information they need. You want to spend more time doing actual productive work, by properly managing not only your own time, but also that of your co-workers. Being the intelligent ticketing and event registration software that it is, Weemss lays down all the groundwork for you to achieve more in less time!

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