Out with the old Weemss, in with the new Weemss

Four months after the official release, Weemss is getting a major interface upgrade and along with that – a host of functionality improvements and tweaks to the user experience. It is a thing of beauty, if I do say so myself. Here’s a quick rundown of what’s changed:

Contrast and readability

To help distinguish the different areas of your Weemss workspace, some colours were changed. The Main menu received a classier and deeper purple, the Event menu was given a luxurious dark grey colour, and the rest of the workspace retained its white background, because it was already the best kind of white there is. The search results are now displayed on purple background, for more contrast with the main workspace. As a direct result the whole software looks better and is easier on the user’s eyes.



Improved Main menu

As previously mentioned, the Main menu also received some major improvements to both colouring and functionality. On the top right corner of your screen you can now see if your active event is in Draft mode or in Live mode, the current number of tickets sold – both paid and those pending payment, as well as the money earned from the sales. The View all events button has taken its rightful place alongside the Organization tabs. You can also find the button on the Main menu, to the right of every Weemss organization you’re the owner or a member of.



Better layout and more responsive

The software is now semi-responsive and adapts to the size of your screen. A number of buttons have been moved for a smoother work-flow. The Event settings section has been moved to the bottom of the Event menu. Some optional buttons have been adjusted to better accommodate smaller screens. The registration tables provide a more clear view. The giant footer at the bottom of the page has shrunk in size, to the point of being inconspicuous!

Support button

At the top of your Weemss workspace, right next to the multi-event search box, you will find the Support button. It provides easy access to th? Knowledge base and links to the feedback form, the latest changes section, and the contact support form.

While we do realize the overall quality of a software is first judged on its design and graphical user interface (GUI), we also value your need for a fast and easy to use software. So we focused our efforts on improving both of these areas. We believe that you will love the changes. Log in now and enjoy a sleeker and more efficient Weemss!