The Definitive Guide to the Perfect Halloween Event

Nowadays more people than ever are buzzing about the celebration of Halloween, where the power of death and superstition are confronted with humour and ridicule. Organizing the perfect Halloween-inspired event is all about making the right choices.

Choose the theme

The theme for your party will, or at least should, dictate the rest of the choices for the event. Popular themes usually are:

– Ghosts and haunted houses – ghosts are ever so scary and probably totally real
– Zombies – zombies have increased in popularity lately, largely due to the hit show The Walking Dead, not to mention not-so-recent blockbusters like Zombie Strippers and – Zombies vs Strippers
– Vampires – the go-to option of today for fun and scares especially if your audience is mostly teens, I’m not aware of any movies about strippers and vampires, but there’s likely some
– Pumpkin theme – Halloween is as much about pumpkins, as it is about scary stuff
– Horror theme – more general, but always a strong favourite
– Costume party – also more general, but also provides more variation when it comes to the costumes

The perfect venue

Consider local venues and how they would work within the theme of the party. There are good venues for pretty much any scenario, especially when you know what to look for. For example, if the theme for your event is a Haunted house, an old house is the obvious choice. Most cities have well-known venues of the type, like Le Manoir de Paris in, as you may have already guessed, Paris – the perfect setting for such an event. London’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital for Children can be a great decor if you want to chill the bones of your guests. Or LA’s infamous Queen Mary, supposedly really haunted, though I can neither confirm nor deny such claims. These are just three quick examples of how the right venue can work great within the theme of your Halloween event and such creepy locations can be found pretty much anywhere around the world.

The decor, food, and beverages

Once you’ve decided on the theme and the venue, it’s time to set the right atmosphere for your event. Skulls (preferably fake ones), tombstones, lit-up pumpkins, cobwebs and spiders on the ceiling, fog machines, bats, more spiders, and ketchup all over the place! Of course it’s better if the decor works in the context of the theme and fits the venue. Pick the spookiest music tracks accordingly. Food and drinks can also be terrifying (in a good way hopefully), to complete your truly hair-raising event.

Stylize your invitations and tickets

Again use your chosen theme to guide you. Cutout the invitation in the form of a delicious human brain, if your event is Zombie-centered. Or make them all orange and in the shape of a pumpkin, if it’s a Pumpkin theme! Go wild, the invitation is important and the more creative you get, the more people will be inspired to attend your Halloween event. Your event ticket template can be another way to both increase your event revenue and delightfully spook the participants. Fake blood stains or a map to the venue where X marks the spot, for example! Give total freedom to your creative side.

The festivities

If you want your Halloween-inspired event to be really really memorable, plan some games. Ghost-hunting, vampire-hunting, treasure-hunting, pumpkin-hunting and/or carving contest, zombies vs humans (or strippers), solving a murder mystery, surviving a night on Bloody Mary cocktails, etc. Try to get as many people involved as possible and good times will be had by all.

Sell tickets online

The way you choose to sell tickets can make a difference to how many people choose to attend. These days more and more people prefer to buy their event tickets online. And while I won’t pretend Weemss is in any way a creepy ticketing and online registration software, I strongly recommend considering it to sell your tickets. It helps you sell more and the registration form can be easily and subtly integrated on your gorgeously creepy website, to create the perfect registration process for the perfect Halloween event. Get your free account today, Sign Up!

Photo by Mongo GushiSome rights reserved