What Can Event Organizers Learn from Apple’s Cult ‘Special’ Events?

Apple just unveiled some exciting new product updates and we are all waiting to get our hands on those new paper-thin iPads. But we were wondering what makes these Apple ‘Special’ events so successful. It’s true that the cult of the Apple product launches is to a large part due to the success of the Apple products themselves, still Apple’s authority in product design and innovation also applies to their event organization. Here we take a look at five different features from their events that may boost your own event’s success.

Create media hype  

Why not mix up the crowd in charge of your media coverage? Apart from traditional media outlets, Apple invites expert tech bloggers to spread the hype surrounding their innovations. Consider inviting expert bloggers from your industry or field, maybe even go further by finding social media power influencers and/or social media celebrities from your region (when appropriate).

Be exclusive

Don’t just consider your guest list, the latest Apple ‘Special’ event could also be streamed online, though only on Apple devices. Can you apply this model to your own event? Perhaps you can make your clients, customers or potential investors feel like V.I.P.’s, which they are.

Live stream

Coming back to exclusivity, why not stream your event live using a product such as Ustream? Again you need to consider who you want watching (exclusivity) and make sure your audience knows how to get to your stream and use it.


On the“Special Event October 2014” webpage Apple used one sentence to describe the event – “It’s been way too long.”. Well, actually Apple just had an event in September, however this minimalism still brings suspense and anticipation (as all Apple events have). Minimalism runs through Apple’s veins, it is present in their stage and presenter set-up and of course their products. You need to question whether minimalism will work for you and your event’s identity!

Give back

Not a ‘Special’ event, but there is still something important to learn from Apple’s WorldWide Developers Conference (WWDC). At the WWDC Apple usually award scholarships to young developers to attend the conference. Can you think of students, young professionals or young graduates you can engage? It will certainly leave a lasting impression on them.

We hope these observations go towards you organizing your very own ‘Special’ event, still remember that your brand and event’s identity is most important. Good luck!

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Image: Matt BuchananSome rights reserved