3 Essential Tips for the Perfect Event Ticket

If something has the potential to bring in more sales, go for it! To make sure you are making the most of your event, you need to explore all possible sources of income. Your ticket design is one such element. Making it a part of the equation is a winning formula and always a great source of increased event sales.

#1 Start by providing information your participants will want

Event venue address. Give the exact address of the venue where your event is taking place.
Getting there. Should be easy once you know the exact address, but it’s useful to add information about public transportation, connections to and from the local airports, and anything else you can think of.
Venue map. Anyone who’s ever attended a big event venue knows how confusing it can be. Put a map of the venue on your tickets and enjoy grateful participants high-fiving you at the event.
Day by day program. Detailed or not, this is always a solid performer when it comes to valuable information for event attendees.
Contacts. Your contact information should always be easily accessible for everyone involved in your event. This means attendees too.


#2 Make an offer that event sponsors can’t refuse

Once you have enough participants involved, don’t treat tickets as just a piece of paper! Event sponsors will be throwing money at you, to put their logo on the ticket! This is a solid platform for a classic Win-Win-Win situation.

1. Participants will appreciate the extra convenience.
2. Sponsors will see how putting their name on your ticket benefits them.
3. You are able to negotiate better deals with the event sponsors.

See? Everyone’s a winner here!

#3 Put the final touches

Now that the important stuff is covered, you want to add your brand on the event ticket. Brand recognition is an important part of any business and will actually increase the chances of retaining participants for your next event. Speaking of your next event – why not advertise your next event on the ticket? It will definitely have a positive, if not immediate effect.


Become a ticket fashionista

It is important to understand that your event tickets are another way of interacting with your participants. It influences the way your event and brand are perceived, not just by the attendees, but by the event sponsors as well. Making sure you are following the latest ticket fashion links directly to maximizing your event revenue.

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