Weeeeeeeeemss is Finally Here!

We are super excited! After months of rigorous experiments, lab testing and fine-tuning www.weemss.com is finally here in all its purpleish glory! From the get-go, our event registration software was developed to help you sell more tickets and to give you more control over your events.

We know there are over a gazillion event registration software solutions out there, but we are focused on 2 things which we believe will change the events industry forever:

1. Weemss is available to anyone, anywhere

We care about all you event managers in Croatia, Tunisia, Japan, UAE, Peru, Canada, Australia and just about anywhere! Our mission is to offer a localized solution that can be used by event professionals around the world. We already support selling tickets in 40+ languages and 160+ currencies. We will keep integrating languages and local payment solutions, so that Weemss can be used to sell tickets even in markets where credit cards are not a popular method of payment. To us, every market market matters!

2. Weemss gives you control

The other area we focused our efforts on, apart from localization, was giving event organizers full control over their events. We know giving organizers more control makes a huge difference.

– With Weemss you communicate directly with your clients. We do not act as your agents.
– You own 100% of your participant data and we never ask your participants to register with us.
– Payments go directly to you. We do not act as a middlemen.

Weemss has tonnes of other cool features, so check us out and Get Started with a free account!