How To Eliminate Waiting Lines at Your Events

Nobody likes waiting in lines. It’s the first impression you get of an event and a long registration queue can be quite discouraging. At that moment your opinion of the organizer plummets, even before the event has begun. If you are an event organizer you’ve probably struggled with this issue at least once.

As experienced organizers and, at the same time, dogged event attendees ourselves, we’re perfectly familiar with the pains for both sides. That’s why, when designing our event management platform Weemss, we focused on 3 key aspects that affect both the attendee and the organizer:

1. Minimize the administrative work and optimize the registration processes.
2. Create a lightning-fast check-in experience for everyone to enjoy.
3. Make the whole solution flexible and easy to use without requiring additional hardware.

Online registration

Online registration prior to the actual event is nothing new today, but still worth a few quick lines. With Weemss you create custom registration forms, which can be added to your website in a few easy steps. Your customers enjoy the extra convenience of being able to register for the event from any personal or mobile device, which directly translates to more sales for you. They also get a personal registration link, where they can see details about the event and print their tickets.

Many payment methods

You can provide online payment options to potential buyers so they can pay before the actual event instead of on-site. Weemss offers various online, and offline, payment methods so even if someone is against paying online, they can still pay the entry fee in advance, for example through bank transfer or at your office address.


Hopefully you are not one of these poor souls that still uses printed sheets and excel tables to check-in attendees at the event. It’s slow and unreliable. This is another area where Weemss shines. Every ticket or badge has a barcode on it, which can be scanned through a dedicated device, or using our check-in app for iOS and Android devices. You can handle any check-in scenario without the need to buy additional hardware – all you need is a smartphone or a tablet at the entry point!

The evolution of online event registration services…

Weemss helps you in many ways. Automating your workload doesn’t just make your life easier, it also makes you look more professional in the eyes of your customers. Especially when they don’t have to wait in a long line of people to check-in at the event. It’s easily achievable without complex setup or additional hardware – Register Now, it’s free!

Featured image by Paul Dufour licensed under CC0 1.0