40+ languages, 160+ currencies – to us, every market matters!

We – the creators of Weemss, are not from USA or from Russia or from UK. We come from a small European country – Bulgaria. We are huge fans of tech innovations and we bring into use and test new products and softwares in our work process every day.

A significant amount of the online services are aimed at large markets, which makes it difficult for us to use a specific online product here, in Bulgaria, as in most of the cases it does not offer a solution on our language and in our currency. Very few of the worldwide SaaS softwares consider Bulgaria as a potential market which is why they don’t cover our necessities.

That is why we came up with Weemss – an international SaaS product created to meet the needs of large and small markets and to provide every organizer worldwide with the opportunity to optimize their working process.

More than 160 currencies – only in Weemss!

Weemss gives you the opportunity to sell tickets using your own currency. Each currency is updated on a daily basis according to the course of Open Exchange Rates.

You don’t have to necessarily make your ticket shop in English!

Weemss allows you to choose among 40+ languages for your ticket shop and you don’t have to translate a single word! The whole process is automatic.

Paying not only online, but also OFFLINE!

Some people might say that offline payment methods for online services are obsolete. May be, in highly developed countries, but the world market also includes smaller countries, where paying upon delivery or through bank transfer are still preferred. That is why Weemss offers not only standard online payment methods such as PayPal and credit card, but the opportunity to buy ticket and pay cash or with a bank transfer.

We also know that each country has its own leading online payment gateways. That is why in addition to the world leaders like PayPal, we also integrate local online payment methods because we know how important they are for local users.