Your guide to planning a The Great Gatsby-inspired event Part 2

In part 1 we discussed the increasing popularity of 20s-inspired events, following the buzz around the release of director Baz Luhrmann’s adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby. We looked at some design elements evoking a 1920s look such as decoration and textures.

In part 2 of Your guide to planning a The Great Gatsby-inspired event we’ll look into the small details to complete the look of a Gatsby-inspired event.

Let’s start with the invitations for your Gatsby-inspired event. It is becoming increasing popular  to send invitations online, however if you want to be true to the era you might want to consider sending invitations the traditional way.

Graphic designers and artists can offer you a full package in designing such elements for you. The following are two greatly executed stationery examples of what your invitations and other paper materials should look like.

And for the curious ones, the font used in The Great Gatsby film is K.H. Schaefer’s Fatime Versalien, or as it is usually referred to – Atlas.

Moving on the settings of the event, your accessories and centerpieces should be attention-grabbing such as this mirrored art deco chandelier.

Table settings should not be ignored either. In the design below you’ll see the result of not one but two agencies – event design by Jessica Interiors and floral design by Gertie Mae’s Floral Studio.

With these stylish suggestions you will have a great base to start planning a truly glamorous Gatsby-inspired special event.

Image credits: CC0 1.0