Event Websites That Really Sell

Just like any other website design, the event website design must follow the main usability rules, this will increase ticket sales and registrations at events.

When you are at the stage where you’re building your event website, make sure it’s responsive. Always, always have mobile devices in mind and how your website will look on them. Experiment and test for yourself.

Secondly, spend some time on receiving feedback after your events. Use the feedback on your event’s website as testimonials. The testimonials will assure future attendees that you plan and host experiences that will be of great value to them. Nowadays many choose to insert a Twitter feed to their website, this way visitors can have an instant look at the variety of opinoins and get an overview of how their peers perceive the event. If you prefer to design a testimony-like field, make sure it’s visible on the front page.

Finally, follow the rules of e-commerce and do not underestimate the impostance of adequate copywriting. Keep in mind that users scan, they don’t read.

So, with that said, have a scan at our ‘Event Websites That Really Sell’ infographic below.


Image credits: CC0 1.0