Your guide to planning a The Great Gatsby-inspired event

The adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby has caused quite a buzz lately. Director Baz Luhrmann has brought everyone’s attention to the glamorous era of the 1920s and the events industry will not let that go unnoticed.

Reflecting the changing ways of society, especially in the USA and Great Britain, 1920s are associated with prominent political and social changes, the economic boom following WWI and Black Thursday in late 1920s. This era is considered the starting point of our consumer society.

As mentioned above, it appears Great Gatsby-inspired events are the trend of the year. Special Events reports “nearly three-fourths of event planners responding to an online poll […] say a Roaring ’20s Great Gatsby look will be in demand this year.” In high demand, I dare add.

If you are willing to undertake the challenge of hosting a Gatsby-inspired event you will need a flexible budget, as this era is anything but minimalistic and shy.

For a jazz age glamour pay special attention to design elements and decor, appropriate lighting and sound. Now, jazz is a predictable choice so you might want to break the status quo by offering something different. That’s exactly what The Great Gatsby‘s (2013) director Baz Luhrmann did.


Since we are talking about the 1920s, you can include to your event elements gangster bash, flappers party, Prohibition, jazz and charleston, speakeasy bar, silent movies… Just don’t forget the photo booth! No one wants to miss the opportunity of taking a photo in costume and it’s a great marketing opportunity for you.

Design Elements

For the overall design choose geometric shapes in an art deco fashion, gold-trimmed accessories and lavish centerpieces. The color scheme can include black and white complimented with contrasting colors; blue, red and royal purple; or for a softer look peach and mint. Of course, it is absolutely appropriate, if not obligatory, to use matallic elements and colors for a glam look.

Starting with the right venue, your choice should be rich with ornaments. For an interior design worthy of Gatsby turn for inspiration to the classics such as the famous Waldorf-Astoria in New York or The Palmer House Hilton.

However, such venues may be far beyond a party budget. In that case hire a hall which you can decorate accordingly. You will be surprised what amazing look you can get with some confetti. Just look at this isntallation in progress by the Confetti System.

The textures and patterns of The Great Gatsby era are absolutely mesmarising. If you have hired a place that needs further decoration you might have a hard time in choosing wallpapers, blinds and cutrains, or other details. Absorb the emotions evoked by the patterns below, get inspired and start planning today!

Stay tuned for part 2 where we’ll look at more art deco and Gatsby-inspired event ideas!

Image credits: CC0 1.0