Mix and Match: Choosing the Right Color Scheme For Your Event

Colors affect us in ways beyond imagination. When it comes to events or award ceremonies, choosing colors for the logo, the website and the interior of the hall is essential.

  • Blue is the most productive color, usually recommended for offices.
  • Bright colors are emotional, they bring excitement and energy.
  • Earth tones are balanced and speak of health while dark colors are serious and show sophistication.
  • Purple is the color of royalty, wealth, success and… of course Weemss’ colour. Because Weemss brings all its users more success, more revenue and gives them full control, making them feel just like kings and queens.

Find the right colour scheme for your next event or awards in our colourful infographic below.

Events in Color

What colours do you usually use for your events? We’ll be happy if you share your experience in a comment below.