5 Things Event Planners Must NOT Forget at Events

You wake up, a lovely morning greeting you. It’s still early and you can’t quite put your thoughts in order yet. You check your emails, make a few calls, but you haven’t even had time for coffee. You don’t want to think about the long, busy day ahead.

Suddenly, it’s noon. Your event is gaining traction but you’re angry because you forgot to bring something with you this morning. Every event planner is painfully aware of the many details there are to think of before, during and after an event. It is almost impossible to NOT forget something.

What can be so important that we must never forget? For different event types, even for every individual event, there are things we cannot afford to ignore or forget. There are certain objects, that when missing can turn our whole event into a disaster. To insure yourself for such disasters make lists. Lists are great for everything!

I’ll share with you my ultimate top 5 of forget-me-nots, that I have developed during my work experience as event organizer for business events.

1) Laptop (and charger);

2) Smartphone (and charger);

3) List with all contacts of partners and speakers;

4) Scissors;

5) Duct tape;

OK, I know some of these things on the list look weird, but if you think about it they’re quite important. Honestly, almost anything can be fixed with a pair of scissors and duct tape!

Now, make your own list and if you come up with something weirder I’ll be waiting for you to share it in the comments below!

ImageJacob BøtterSome rights reserved