Reaching Your Event’s Target Audience

Often I get asked “How do I reach my event’s target audience?”. The factors influencing a perfect communications plan are hundreds. They include carefully planned budgets, selecting appropriate communications channels, setting up enticing promotional offers, added value, time management, working with a professional team, having knowledge of the current business environment, and, of course, having an understanding of the audience in question. Unfortunately there is no fixed solution guaranteeing you will reach your audience.

Even if you possess all the resources I just mentioned above, the probability that you’ll succeed as opposed to failing (and wasting your resources) is equal. If there is anything certain in being succesful in your efforts, it is that you should

Stop thinking like a marketing specialist, instead think like your clients do!

Walk a mile in their shoes, live their lives, pay attention to how, when, where and with whom they communicate. Who and what do they trust? Be where your clients are, give them what they want, as long as this is possible, present it in the way they’d prefer.

Speak their language and become one of them

I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve heard someone state that “If you have a big budget, everything is easy”. Advertise on every communications channel possible and clients will come to you. This might be true, but I have never done it. Even if I had the resources, I wouldn’t do it. I would not do it because if you calculate your return on investment, it will most definitely not be positive. Today communications technology allows us to select and distribute our message in ways in which it reaches our target audience without any wasted resources. Never forget that.

When marketing an event – experiment, be creative and think outside the box

I’ve witnessed countless cases where marketing was executed according to the big books. Forget the books, forget what your professors taught you. Why do you think that if a certain approach was successful for one event, it would be successful for the next? One approach will be effective twice in the context of event marketing only if it concerns a second edition of the same event. Even if your approach works twice, try to think of something you may have missed, something that didn’t go as well as you expected. Truth is, we can always do better and there’s always room for improvement.

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes – plan, act and analyse

When a marketing strategy has worked for someone, it doesn’t necessarily mean anything for you, it might work, it might not. So just try! No, you’re not showing that you’re unprofessional or a weak leader. On the contrary, you will be showing desire to seek new solutions, to be innovative and to do things in the best way possible.

Here’s one piece of advice that can become the center of your next marketing plan.

Don’t spend too much on advertising being ignored by people, instead direct your resources in creating a positive emotion, because that is what creates a loyal customer base!

That’s also an effective, honest way to guarantee buzz around your brand. One happy client can only bring new ones after himself.

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Ovanes is the CEO and Co-founder of Weemss, he has been working in the event planning and management industry for more than a decade.

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