5 Ways Weemss is an Awesome Piece of Event Technology

The Weemss Software Development Team is on the spotlight today talking about the event registration and management software.

We asked the team to describe the advantages Weemss offers from a software development perspective in one sentence. The team, however, decided Weemss is too cool to be described in one sentence only. And so we proudly present to you – 5 Ways Weemss is an Awesome Piece of Event Technology by The Weemss Software Development Team:

Usability that is just…well, usable!

We’ve put thousands of hours in testing and designing the architecture of the software, so that the product is fast, easy to use and highly intuitive. In other words, anyone can use Weemss.

World class software architecture

We are developing Weemss in accordance with the latest technologies and tendencies and the software architecture follows best practices in this field. Weemss’ biggest advantage over competitors is that it’s developed with the most refined and optimized code possible.

Big teams? Yes!

Weemss is developed in a way, that is highly scalable. No matter if you use it by yourself or with 2000 other team members, Weemss will take the heat. In Weemss you can create different organisations with different teams, which makes it perfect even for the largest event organizers.

Big events? Yup!

Weemss is suitable for events of all sizes, no matter if you organize a training with 50 attendees, a conference with 500 or a concert with 200 000 people. We have worked hard to make it perfect in terms of scalability.

For us your data is of the utmost importance.  All data is written to multiple disks instantly, backed up hourly, and stored in multiple locations. We use 256-bit SSL encryption, the same security that banks use.

But don’t just take our word for it, see for yourself!

Image credits: Florent Chretien | Some rights reserved