Any Language, Any Currency, Really?

Most event management and ticketing solutions offer their services exclusively in English and a couple of other languages. Usually these are German, French, Spanish and a few others.

Yet, there are over 6000 spoken languages. That’s why the Weemss registration form is available in 40+ languages!

Having the registration form in any language allows Weemss users to communicate better with their event attendees.

Another thing we consider important is to have all currencies available since it is our purpose to serve people wherever they may be.

Lastly, Weemss is equipped with an abundance of payment methods that can be added to registration forms. The conclusion of a 2010 Forrester Research shows that 26% of people would abandon cart when their preferred method of payment is not offered and another 50% would cancel their purchase alltogether. It’s safe to say that the more payment options your attendees have available, the more sales you will close. So, for best results Weemss offer users complete freedom in choosing how to build a stable community and increase sales.