6 Mistakes to Avoid on Your Facebook Page

1. Boring long status updates

Familiar with the phrase “people don’t read, they scan”? This applies to Facebook more than anything else. Save longer posts for your blog and website. On social media you have to keep information short, engaging and clear.

2. News flooding

Do not turn you wall into a newsfeed! Facebook users are active at a particular time of the day or night. Experiment, but try to post mainly when your audience is active. If one post does not engage your audience, it may not be the fault of the post but the timing.

3. Monotony

It is a good idea to build habits in your audience, but do not be afraid to experiment and break your own stereotypes. Monotony is not desirable, the more you avoid it the better your results will be.

4. Different pages, same content?

Sometimes one person may be the administrator of different pages and may be tempted to share the same content across all of them. If one person interacts with one of your pages, when content is duplicated, he will not interact with the other pages.

5. Sharing every day

Posting for the sake of posting is not appreciated by the audience. If you really have nothing to say, it is better to keep quiet for a day.

6. Advise

Don’t just talk about your business, combine news with offers and advice. Though keep it topical, remember not to burden your audience with things that are of no interest to them.

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Image: Wilfred Iven | CC0 License