10 Steps for Dealing with Negative Feedback at Events

In order to interact effectively with dissatisfied event attendees we must remove any communication obstacles by conveying information in a clear and simple manner.

Outlined below are 10 steps that should serve as your checklist in dealing with those uncomofortable situations at events.

1. Listen without interrupting

It is desirable that you write down all the information your attendee is sharing with you and remember not to argue with them.

2. Do not be defensive

An attendee might be unhappy or even angry but you should control the emotions you express. Try to remain calm and attentive.

3. Be kind

Use kind words and put yourself in their shoes, but be careful not to take responsibility for the issue if you are not at fault. If the matter turns out to be your responsibility, apologize formally.

4. Show compassion

Show the attendee you understand their feelings with statements like “You must be feeling very disappointed” and “I understand how upset you are with the situation”.

5. Ask questions

Get to the bottom of the problem!

6. Reach an agreement

After the attendee has expressed their dissatisfaction, you can start responding by providing information. Reach an agreement with them as to what the essence of the issue is.

7. Understand what the attendee needs

Whether or not there is something you can do for them, simply try to make a suggestion on how to compensate them for the troubles.

8. Matching options and needs?

After you have explained what you can do for the attendee, make sure the options match their desires.

9. Taking care of the problem

Even if you cannot deal with the issue on the spot, show that you are taking care of it.

10. Feedback

Make sure you have the particpants’ details and contact them back when necessary.

The evolution of online event registration services…

You can use the team collaboration feature in Weemss to handle attendee complaints or issues. It’s quick and to-the-point coordination between you and your co-workers. There are 3 main areas where you can post a message depending on who is supposed to read it:

In-Registration Comment. Now you can post a comment within a registration. Anything you post in a registration will also appear on the event’s Dashboard and in the Activity section of the organization, along with a link to the specific registration for fast access. It’s a one-click wonder!

Event Dashboard Message. Leave a message on the Dashboard. The Dashboard is the central communication hub for everyone working on the event.

Organization Activity Message. Leave a message in the Activity section of your organization to be seen by the whole team.

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Image: Eric Kilby | Some rights reserved