The Event Manager’s Guide to Valentine’s Day

If you have the urge to spend Valentine’s Day on a remote getaway with your loved one, think twice! 14th February is a great opportunity for event managers to expand their business and get a chunk of that injection to the economy. To put it in numbers, it has been estimated by the National Retail Federation (NFA) that Americans spent around $17.6 billion, yes, it’s a B, on 14th February 2012. In England, on the other hand, it was predicted that British would spend around £880 million. Now, given the population difference, these numbers don’t differ as much as it may seem.

It has been established already that males tend to spend twice as much on gifts for their spouses, in comparison to females. The NFA estimated that in 2012, male Americans spend around $168 and women – around $85; in UK males have been estimated to spend around £40, while women look for presents in the £20-25 price range.

Without further deviations, here’s a list of some ideas how we, event managers, can benefit from St. Valentine’s day.

1. Community event for kids

What do you think parents would love for Valentine’s Day? I think it could very well be a place they could leave their children in the hands of qualified staff, so that the couple can enjoy some quality time together. You would need to have certificate to handle children, so may be teaming up with a local kindergarten would be a good solution in organising an event for children. What should be carefully considered here is that parents would probably want to go out in the evening, so you should carefully consider and research during what times your event for children could work out.

2. Organise private dinner experiences

Once you have taken care of the children, it’s time to consider the parents and any other couple that would like an exciting dinner experience for the holiday. In fact, you could make that a lunch as well, or maybe you would like to target couples celebrating during the weekend rather than 14th itself. In any case, let your imagination free and prepare a whole evening experience package. It could include anything like limo pick ups, dinner in the park under the moonlight, and whatever else you think romantic. Even better – clients themselves can tell you what they want.’

3. Dinner show

Basically, that would be taking private dinner experiences to the next level. Things like a cabaret show or a comedy evening programme in a certain atmosphere could turn out pretty popular.

4. Single’s mixer

Think party, not mixer. That one is pretty self-explanatory. Just make sure you create an atmosphere that invites people both to dance and to talk to each other, you’re not hosting a frat party after all. You can include games to encourage interaction.

5. Special cooking class

If you know of cooking school that hasn’t prepared a Valentine’s Day event – team up with them for an evening of chocolate souffle and bubbly.

6. Rosé testing

Wine tasting accompanied by tasty bites in a romantic atmosphere…What else could a woman want?!

7. Romantic movie screening

A personal favourite here. This can turn out to be a total hit, especially if it’s organised in a place with warmer climate, so that the event can be taken outside. I imagine puffy pillows, rustic decoration, cute wooden tables, a bottle of wine and canapé. And of course a classic romantic film like The Philadelphia Story.

8. Masquerade ball

That sounds great to me, but it would also require careful planning. Things like finding an appropriate location that corresponds to the theme might turn out to be exhaustive and frankly, a bit too expensive. Yet, if you do decide to host a masquerade ball – please send pictures!

9. Couples dancing lessons

One more opportunity for you to team up! You could, of course, organise the class on your own or with your team, yet I do believe that approaching a dance school with reputation, a venue and experienced teachers can be more beneficial. After a fun hour or rumba, you can host a thematic cocktail party for your guests – let there be rum!

Plan ahead and plan carefully!

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Image: Jez Timms | CC0 License