14 Engaging Gamification Solutions on Smart Devices

Engaging people in the event is something that every event organizer wants to improve. Many attendees use smartphones and tablets anyway, so engaging them with a game is a good option. Connecting games with the main subject of the event can heighten the engagement impact of the event.
You just need a goal for the game, choose an event game platform for the occasion, set it all up and let people play. The gamification tech will also help you to deal with short lead times and smooth out the good old last-minute changes to deliver your concepts with the cost efficiency.

To make the exploring of suitable tools easier, we have drawn a map of 14 event game platforms/apps. Some are suitable for plug-and-play occasions, others for customizable corporate events and still others for both.


Greenhat People

… is made to increase the value of meetings. The concept is based on proven methodology that combines gamification techniques, off-the-shelf products and proprietary technology. Focus is on business strategy, sustainability, values etc games, played indoors.

Social Scavenger

… is focused on making staging photo hunts even more fun. It has “stickers” you can overlay during games on pictures, so that team members may, for example, wear a wig or mask. Creates shareable and entertaining imagery to promote your event.


… enables event professionals to create their own outdoor and indoor games as well to use ready-made advanced game concepts. Has various unique team building game types to modify like “snakes and ladders” board game in real life and “match”. Also it has an solution to collaborate with your team and client on their event game.


… combines the elements of classical treasure hunts and GPS-Geocaching with augmented reality technology into a outdoor team game. The basic gameplay is simple: go to places in your city, crack tricky riddles and solve your mission. Involves interacting with virtual avatars in real places and unraveling puzzles with real life tools like cryptex.


…develops apps for mobile applications in the field of “mobile serious games”. The scope of the software extends from simple treasure hunts for families to hi-tech strategy games and modular system solutions for companies in the area of strategy, sales and distribution, security, human resources etc.


…allows you to create games, so called “bounds” that can be private or public. There are already various public bounds available to play before you create your own. Games can be just for fun or informative. Excellent for ice-breaking exercises, historical or archaeological sites, or more simply presenting a vision for the future.


… arranges weekly photo hunts for the public and enables also creating own games. Is good when you are focused on photo hunts. Building a more detailed game requires some real world preparation with qr code stickers that can be placed in the playing area.


… helps you to build rallies, treasure hunts, guided tours, murder mysteries. Has a set of separate packages to create team and photo hunts on. Has an option to produce virtual presenter videos and to create custom rewards.


… is one of the oldest solutions available for location based games. With it you can design, create, and launch various outdoor or indoor experiences. Has multiple game mechanics you can build on to make teams work cooperating and against each other.


… scavenger hunts for the masses work well if you want to create scavenger hunts aimed at photo-taking and social sharing. The main idea is to send participants outside to photograph various situations and objects around town. With odd tasks you can come up with fun situations for players to try out and later to watch in a photo compilation.


… helps to create and design city quests focused on touring the city. Whether the aim is sightseeing, foodie trip, experiencing it like a local- it has options for designing the journey as well appearance of the app. Has a good base for designing into the game different awards.


… is an easily set-up game that gives you an organized list of tasks that informs each player what is left to complete on their list. Scavify also offers a variety of question types and is handy for devising a scavenger hunt.


…playmaker is an easy-to-use mobile trail creation platform for corporate events, interactive guides and product launches. Explores delivering content triggered proximity and augmented reality.


… is an open-source platform for creating and playing mobile games, tours and interactive stories. Is flexible and allows programming your own details but needs more tech savvy approach.


If you’ve already used any of the proposed solutions, be sure to let us know about the experience in the comment section below!


Featured image: Ryan McGuire, Gratisography licensed under CC0