Take your events to the next level

Take your events to the next level

Weemss® is an All-in-One online event solution for any event of any size. Use it to handle registrations and check-in, offer reserved seating, manage an awards competition, sell concert tickets, or whatever your event needs.

In 2013 we set out to create an event platform that doesn’t act as a middleman or a ticketing agency and instead gives you full independence to manage events. One year later we launched Weemss®. Today the software is used in over 70 countries on 6 continents and we are one of the fastest-growing platforms on the market.

Weemss® helps you get things done – from generating initial interest, customizing registration and entry forms, to communicating with participants and tracking performance data. It’s everything you need to keep improving all the time! You can integrate Weemss® directly on your own site, or use our web page builder tо create one effortlessly.

Management team

    OVANES Co-founder
    SIMONA Co-founder
    VLADISLAV Head of Software Development
  • IVAN
    IVAN Head of Product
  • LILY
    LILY Head of Content
    VALERIA Head of Marketing
    TEODORA Head of Events
  • MIKE
    MIKE Head of Security