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Event Ticketing



Sell event tickets online with dynamic, customizable, and easy to use tools for your ticket shop.

Event Ticketing



Create a seating plan for any type of event and venue, let your customers pick the seats they like best.

Event Ticketing



Handle tickets for repeating events like theatre plays, shows, sporting events, cinema screenings, etc.

Event Registration



Robust event registration service for individual bookings that lets you collect extensive attendee data.

Expo Registration



Visualize the layout of your booth setup and let exhibitors reserve their spots during registration.

Awards Management



Powerful awards management software that requires no training – a joy to use for you, entrants, and jury.

100% Event Ownership

Your events, own them exclusively for a change!

No middleman

No middleman

Weemss doesn’t act as a middleman or a ticketing agency. We provide the tools for you to operate independently.

Secure connection

Own your data

You are the sole owner of all data, we won’t contact or market to your customers ever.

Receive money instantly

Receive money instantly

Be in control of all your transactions, receive money right away directly to your account!


Communicate directly

We don’t stand between you and your customers. All outgoing communication goes through an email address of your choice.

Easy setup

Tailor everything

Weemss is highly customizable and flexible. You can create and edit everything according to the needs of your event.

Works on any device

Works with your website

Use Weemss to create a webpage for the event, or embed the registration form on your own website!

200+ Markets Supported

Translated in 40+ Languages

Translate your event processes in the language of your audience, with a single mouse click.

Accept Payments Globally

Accept payments from anywhere. Receive money right away and straight to your own account!

Choose from 160+ Currencies

Work with every currency you can think of, automatic currency conversion where needed.


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